Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On A cAmP 2 jAnDa BaIk...

FuH...aT last 4 2 weeks i didn't update my blog n now i'm here sitting infront of my laptop doin my jobs....huhuuh..

2 weeks has gone n 2 camp da i g...1st in janda baik (26,27 n 28 february)where all da jandas r livin in there n 2nd at kem tekali (6,7 n 8 march)..both camps r actually gud n interesting 2 me...but there r always baik n buruk at da camp. firstly i want to talk bout da janda baik...g camp nie pon coz terpaksa, but da lama2 kat sana jd interesting 2 me. i luv da view of janda baik...very environmental. hahahha kepada soda...(u noe who u r) kt jnda baik mmg cntik ko g la sna. tiada pencemrn...thats wat dak2 envi want!!!

stayin at janda baik where i need 2 sleep at camp. there r 4 ppl in 1 camp n i slept with aisah, marwa n i think her name is iqa or sumtng...sory can remember ur name...2 fancy kot...huhuhuh...we need 2 squeeze ourself in there coz at nite da camp is banjir n everyone x mau kena bash so terpaksa merptkn dr to avoid from kesejukn n get wet. that da motive!!!

activity that we did during at janda baik r:

  • water fall repelling
  • nite walk
  • low rope course
  • flying fox

  • blind trail
  • basic survival
  • solo drop
  • trekking

it sound really great ryte n ofcoz it is great n amazing. dak2 phytas mengertkn no batch r countered n al r same. fair n square. so at the end we get da message n learn how to live in a solo world n how 2 survive when we r alone!!! thnks teamtact!!!!

so back 2 my kem is al bout bsmm. da la koko wajib n g pon wajib gak..but i don't care coz actually seronok g camping nie. walaupon my face r all in black. i am now TIB (tiqa in black) huhuhuh...da activities r besh!!! 4 da kem tekali we slept in a big camp. bole muat till 30 ppl. besau kn? huhuhuhu da activities r mostly da same. but more fun in bsmm coz more games. In janda baik it is more 2 serious. nama pon survival camp!!!hahahahah

so until now je la ek...i gtg coz da kol 12 noon...jap lg i hav class at 2 p.m....bye!!!

pArT 2 PhYsIo...MAkiNg OURS Pt...
Da 3 oF uS iN a SaMe GrOuP!!!! pUrPlE FeMuR mEnGaNcAm!!!!

OuR GrOup Is DA bEsH aMoNG DA bESH (lOsER)!!!! HaHaHa......sInChan!!!! HAhAhA....