Sunday, February 22, 2009

My bEaUtiFuL sUnDaY!!!

kInD of boring today...i wake early in da mornin n do my rutine jobs as usually bile ade kt uma....sidai bj, siram pokok bunga, bersihkn my mojojo shit...huuhuh...n then surf da internet...

then around 1.30p.m i went to alamanda to but my stuff 4 my college. my mkn2!!!...after that i went back home around is not the end of my day yet. then i went to warta wif my bro to search my printer ink...the cartridge. semua da abis. 1 cartridge cos me around rm30 n need to time 4...equal to money is gone!!!....sedey tp mau buat mcm mane...

japlgmau blk kolej...around 9.00p.m..blk klj je ade beribu keja nk kena buat:

  • test kine on wed

  • bel due on wed

  • bc 4 massage coz sok on monday da kena learn on how to massage ppl

  • anp test on thurs

now i'm stress...after i list al da undone jobs that i hadn't starting yet...huhuhhuh

ok start my new week wif a appy week i need to go 2 janda baik 4 my camping...x dpt blk umah nnti...sedeynye!!!

ink yg disebut2 mahal harganye!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We sHaRE Da MoMMeNt

nothing much interesting wif wat happen 2 me last 2 weeks. it juz that on da valentine's day i didn't celebrate it. it is becoz on that day i hav sum module at my college n i need to attend that module so that i can grad. pity of me ryte. but i don't care becoz on da next da i went to sunway with my buddies. we went to play ice skating. sumthing that i hvn't done in long time. when i was small i used to play but as i'm growing up i tend to 4get it.

it was fun actually..playing wif sum1 u noe. i'm dumb at plyng skating. so my fwen need to hold my hands so that i can move. huhuhu...kind of malu coz there are lot of ppl but bnyk gak yg dtng sana x reti 4 me its 0-0. :)then we went 4 shopping coz my fwenz ada dinner dlm masa terdekt 2. dieorng tgh kaya coz br msk duit...huhuhu...jgn mare.

N we went eat at nando's n subway...tmpat2 yg x penh i went 4 eating. its new 4 me...on that da bnyk sgt i blaja benda br. but it was fun!!! n on da 16th i hav a test wif en.bahman...mlm 2 lps blk...i went straight on stdyng!! huhuhuh...cerita nk gempaq je ek...actually is i'm not mistaken i went to sleep...juz 4 bout 30 minutes...huhuhuh

letih 2 mmg letih thp cipan la but i need to stdy coz da whole da 2 i had enjoyed i need 2 balance wif my stdyng....huhuuhuh padan muka

SOToNG....r u Cold???
oUr vALenTiNe's DAY
raDy 4 iCe SKaTiNg GuRlZ???
cEaH Is HeLpiNG WiF mY sHoEs BuT i Don'T NoE WuT r da Res doiN...

Friday, February 20, 2009

FrEE FrOm pRiSOn...

HuHUh....4 2 weeks i didn't went back home n i mizz my home so much...n now i'm at my little sweet syurga!!!i miz my mom, my dad n my sweet mojojo...da gemok ek ko skrng...hahahaha...blk je uma td tros hug n kizz her beribu2 kali....sape suro jd comel sgt...hahahah

dis week is a buzy week 4 me...i'm as a biro ttk need to do a lot of works. i nie da jd like an operator da..need 2 call every president nye persatuan. i dpt yg bole co-operate its ok but mostly dpt yg jual2 mlh...tau la u guyz 2 president n i'm juz part 2, but for dis event we need to work as a team n plz co-operate wif me...

n 2 my mr.president plz learn how to communicate wif ur ajk...jgn smbng n belagak pandai je. i noe u noe everything but i also noe that u x tau back off!!!
so total yg akan g lumut adalah dlm 43 gurlz n 37 boyz..quite balance ryte? huhuh...tgk la sape yg buat keja nie...;)

actually tday i will go to lumut tok tgk keadaan kt sana but last minutes pihak tldm call n said it need to be postponed becoz ada mslh skit kat phk sana...its ok...coz it give me a benefits to go back to my syurga.
i work hard 4 our physio's day at lumut...see da reaction of my face!!!

i lUv dIs CoUrSe....!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

pEnAt NyE arI Nie...

penat gle i wake up early coz ada gtng royong @ my 2 get a college next sem i need to collect as many cupons as i can...on today gtng royng ada cupon ;) i wait till da activity is finished so tht i can go home earlier...i noe wut u r thingkng..."buat ape nk blk klau today da arie ahd kn?" actually i mizz my x mau kena homesick i better take a good steps ngn blk that i wouldn't really miz my home tht much...

today is thaipusam's day so 2morrow cuti..thts y i blk uma...i wait 4 a bus around 15 mntes...bkn bas xde. actually there is a lot of buses cume ppl kat dlm bas 2 sgt penuh n yg bnyk dlm nye adala warga2 asing yg b'cuti becoz today is weekend. so i keep on miz da bus. actually i tkt skit nk naik bas ngn those kind of ppl..who noes what will happen 2 me on those bus. i wait till da bus mcm da krng skit orng br naek...2pon coz i can't stand 4 da hot wheathr!!!
aftr da smpai kt putajaya central i cal my dad 2 pick me up. it is around 1 o'clock.
da1st thing i did as i reach my home is that i went to my bro's rum n surf da net. making my neu blog. huhuhuhu..

n around 8 p.m. my dad ask my mom bole x today 1 whole family main bowling @ alamanda. my mom tros stuju...but not da whole family it is juz 4 of us which is my parents + my sis + i.
da highest score was my dad which he got 174. gud 4 him...hahahah
so now i'm stuck infront of my comp wit a 2kg sandbag at my eyes. 2 heavy coz da ngntok thp cipan da...hahahah...

so i off du ek...kaau kali i will talk more on my course.